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Frank T. Gallagher, Associate Justice 1946-1963


State ex-justice Gallagher is dead

Published May 22, 1977
Copyright permission granted by Star Tribune

Frank T. Gallagher, 89, a former justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, died Saturday night of congestive heart failure at St. Mary’s Hospital. He had been hospitalized for about a week after breaking his hip.
Gallagher, a native of Waseca, Minn., was elected to the court in November 1946, defeating an incumbent, He retired in 1963, but continued to hear cases in retirement status until 1970.
He was a brother the Henry M. Gallagher, who was chief justice of the court from 1937 to 1944.
Gallagher graduated from Waseca High School in 1907 and from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1913. He practiced law in Austin, Minn., and Waseca for 25 years before joining the court. He never served in any judgeship lower than the supreme court.
For the past five years Gallagher had lived at St. Teresa’s Home, 800 Bass Lake Rd., New Hope.
His wife, Belle died in 1971. He is survived by sons Michael and Daniel, both of St. Paul, and daughters Patricia and Mrs. Kathleen Gaddis, both of Minneapolis.
Funeral arrangements, not yet complete, are being handled by the Sandburg Funeral Home in Waseca.