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William P. Murphy, Associate Justice 1955-1972


Minnesota Supreme Court 1960-61

William P. Murphy, Thomas F. Gallagher, Oscar R. Knutson, Roger L. Dell, Martin A. Nelson, Frank T. Gallagher, Lee Loevinger

Court group photo 1960-61

Image credit: Minnesota Supreme Court, [1960-61], courtesy Minnesota Historical Society, FM6.34 r1,

Supreme Court, approximately 1962

left to right: James C. Otis, Martin A. Nelson, Thomas Gallagher, Oscar R. Knutson, Frank T. Gallagher, William P. Murphy, Walter Rogosheske

Minnesota Supreme Court, approximately 1962, image courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society, FM6.34 p16

Minnesota Supreme Court, 1971 

front row, left to right: Martin A. Nelson, Oscar R. Knutson, William P. Murphy; back row: Fallon Kelly, James C. Otis, C. Donald Peterson, W.F. Rogosheske

Supreme Court 1970

Minnesota Supreme Court, 1971, image courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society, FM6.34 p16