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Julius J. Olson, Associate Justice 1934-1948

Julius J. Olson

Portrait of Julius J. Olson


Julius J. Olson was born in Norway on February 22, 1875.


Julius Johan Olson was born in Dønnes, Norway on February 22, 1875. His parents were Carl and Marie Beck Olson. He and his family immigrated to the United States in 1883, and came to Lake Park, Minnesota. He graduated from Detroit Lakes High School in 1897 and from the University of Minnesota College of Law in 1900. He moved to Warren the same year and practiced there until appointed District Judge by Governor Theodore Christianson in November 1930. Olson resigned as District Judge on March 5, 1934 to accept appointment as Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, succeeding Homer B. Dibell. He was elected to the same office in November 1934 and thereafter. Due to ill health, he retired from the Court in 1948, but was immediately appointed a Supreme Court Commissioner. He held that position until approximately 1954. He died May 22, 1955 in Warren, Minnesota.

Olson married Caroline L. Sletten in 1909. They had three children: Julius Johan, who died in childhood, Carl Sletten, and Katherine M. Staley. Carl and Katherine both worked as attorneys.

You may read more about the life and work of Justice Olson in his memorial, linked below, and in the Minnesota Supreme Court Historical Society's book Testimony: Remembering Minnesota's Supreme Court Justices, which is the source of this brief biography.

Julius J. Olson's signature in the Roll of Attorneys

Image Credits: Portrait of Julius J. Olson courtesy of the Minnesota Supreme Court;  Julius J. Olson's signature in the Roll of Attorneys, Supreme Court, State of Minnesota, 1858-1970, p 53. Available online at: