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Minnesota Court of Appeals 40th Anniversary

10th Anniversary

These photos were taken on April 5, 1994, during a party to celebrate the second group of six judges that were sworn in. Most of the photos are of the four judges from that group who were still on the court at that time.

Photos from 10th Anniversary Celebration April 5, 1994

Judges Crippen, Randall, Huspeni and Forsberg

3 men in ties and a woman in a blue suit in front of a wall

Judges Forsberg and Crippen, and Justice Gardebring

2 men in suits and a woman in a black outfit in front of a hallway with wooden trim

Judge Forsberg and Justice Tomljanovich

A man in a suit and red tie with a woman in a blue suit in front of an open wooden door

Judges Huspeni, Randall, Crippen and Forsberg

A woman in a blue suit cutting a large white cake while 3 men stand behind her

Justice Keith, Judges Randall, Crippen, Huspeni, and Forsberg

4 men wearing ties and a woman in a blue suit stand behind a cake

Judges Randall, Crippen, Huspeni and Forsberg

3 men and a woman holding up a cake for the camera with a scales of justice decoration

Justice Simonett, Judges Holtan and Crippen

3 men standing together, 2 of the men are wearing bow ties

Justice Tomljanovich, Judge Lansing, Judge Foley

2 women and a tall man in front of windows